AZERBAIJAN History, Religious Beliefs Traditions and Customs

WHAT TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS ARE THERE IN AZERBAIJAN? A review of the customs and traditions of Azerbaijan, a Caucasian country. FOOD AND ECONOMY FOOD IN DAILY LIFE There are regional differences in the selection and preparation of food due to the availability of agricultural products and belonging to different ethnic groups. A mixture of meat and … Read more

Armenia History, Languages, Religious Beliefs, Customs & Traditions

WHAT TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS ARE THERE IN ARMENIA? A review of the traditions and customs of the Caucasian country, Armenia. FOOD IN DAILY LIFE The staples are bread and salt. Harissa, a traditional meal, consists of wheat grain and slow-cooked lamb. Armenians everywhere love grilled meats and vegetables. The pomegranate, with its symbolic association with fertility, is the … Read more

Belgium History, Languages, Customs, Traditions, Religious Beliefs

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HISTORY OF BELGIUM BRIEF HISTORY OF BELGIUM SUMMARIZED A short and entertaining walk on the history of Belgium, a country without its own language, adopting Flemish and French. The Kingdom of Belgium is a country belonging to Europe, a member of the European Union, whose capital is Brussels . It is in 77th place in terms of population ( 11.4 million inhabitants), … Read more

Austrian History, Customs, Traditions, Languages, Religious Beliefs

WHAT TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS ARE THERE IN AUSTRIA? A glimpse at the customs, traditions, customs and history of Austria, a country in Central Europe. The Republic of Austria is a country belonging to Europe, whose capital is Vienna . It has a population of 9 million inhabitants (96º) and an area of ​​83,879 km 2 (113º). Its human development index is very high (20º) and … Read more

Albania Customs, Traditions, Languages, History, Religious Beliefs

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WHAT TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS ARE THERE IN ALBANIA? Neighbor of Greece , awaits many secrets, along with the rest of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. Here, the customs and traditions of Albania. FOOD IN DAILY LIFE After half a century of Stalinist dictatorship, food culture is practically non-existent. For decades, there was little on the market beyond staples, … Read more