Poverty in large wealthy countries

Among the large rich countries, France is the one where the poverty rate (8.3%) is – by far – the lowest. It is two times lower than in the United States (17.8%), which leads the rankings. The situation is clearly deteriorating in Germany. Also Read: 10 Poorest Countries in Europe With a poverty rate of 8.3% in … Read more

Ten men have more wealth than the 85 poorest countries in the world


The world’s ten richest men have a combined wealth of $ 858.1 billion, more than the GDP of the world’s 85 poorest countries, Monday’s financial news site Learn Bonds said on Monday. draw up this comparison.  The ten richest men have an overall fortune of 858.1 billion dollars and exceed the GDP of the 85 … Read more


Here are the 10 poorest countries in Europe and complete details about these countries. On the old continent, there are economies that are losing momentum or have stalled. . No suspense, all these countries are in Eastern Europe. List of Poorest Countries in Europe Continent 1. Moldova2. Ukraine3. Kosovo4. Albania5. Bosnia6. Macedonia7. Belarus8. Serbia9. Montenegro 10.Bulgaria Also … Read more