Belgium History, Languages, Customs, Traditions, Religious Beliefs

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HISTORY OF BELGIUM BRIEF HISTORY OF BELGIUM SUMMARIZED A short and entertaining walk on the history of Belgium, a country without its own language, adopting Flemish and French. The Kingdom of Belgium is a country belonging to Europe, a member of the European Union, whose capital is Brussels . It is in 77th place in terms of population ( 11.4 million inhabitants), … Read more

Austrian History, Customs, Traditions, Languages, Religious Beliefs

WHAT TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS ARE THERE IN AUSTRIA? A glimpse at the customs, traditions, customs and history of Austria, a country in Central Europe. The Republic of Austria is a country belonging to Europe, whose capital is Vienna . It has a population of 9 million inhabitants (96º) and an area of ​​83,879 km 2 (113º). Its human development index is very high (20º) and … Read more

Albania Customs, Traditions, Languages, History, Religious Beliefs

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WHAT TRADITIONS AND CUSTOMS ARE THERE IN ALBANIA? Neighbor of Greece , awaits many secrets, along with the rest of the countries of the Balkan Peninsula. Here, the customs and traditions of Albania. FOOD IN DAILY LIFE After half a century of Stalinist dictatorship, food culture is practically non-existent. For decades, there was little on the market beyond staples, … Read more