Ten men have more wealth than the 85 poorest countries in the world

The world’s ten richest men have a combined wealth of $ 858.1 billion, more than the GDP of the world’s 85 poorest countries, Monday’s financial news site Learn Bonds said on Monday. draw up this comparison. 

The ten richest men have an overall fortune of 858.1 billion dollars and exceed the GDP of the 85 poorest countries in the world established, according to the IMF, at 813.5 billion dollars. At ten, they also exceed the GDP of rich countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Austria or even Norway.

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Among the 10 richest men, we find in the top 5 Jeff Bezos (Amazon) with a fortune of 125.3 billion dollars, Bill Gates (Microsoft) with 112.6 billion dollars, Bernard Arnault and his family (LVMH ) with $ 108 billion, Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) with $ 90.4 billion and Amancio Ortega (Zara) with $ 78.1 billion.

In addition, the fortune of Jeff Bezos, boss of Amazon, is greater than that of the GDP of Morocco (119 billion dollars) while Bill Gates and Bernard Arnault have a fortune higher than the GDP of Ecuador ( 107 billion).

Below is the list of top 10 men in the world that has more wealth than 85 poorest countries in the world.

RankPersonRoleWealth in billion USDNearest country by GDPCoutry’s World Rank by GDPCountry’s GDP in billion USD
#1Jeff BezosCEO and Founder, Amazon$125.30Morocco#58$119,04
#2Bill GatesCofounder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation$112.60Ecuador#57$107,91
#3Bernard Arnault & familyChairman and CEO, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton$108Ecuador#57$107,91
#4Warren BuffettCEO, Berkshire Hathaway$90.40Dominican Republic#64$89,48
#5Amancio OrtegaZara fashion chain founder$78.10Oman#67$76,6
#6Mark ZuckerbergCofounder, Chairman and CEO, Facebook$78.10Oman#67$76,6
#7Larry EllisonCTO and Founder, Oracle$68.50Ghana#67$67,07
#8Carlos Slim Helu & familyHonorary Chairman, América Móvil$66.00Myanmar#75$69,99
#9Larry PageCofounder and board member, Alphabet$65.90Tanzania#74$62,22
#10Steve BallmerOwner, Los Angeles Clippers, former Microsoft CEO (2000-2004)$65.20Tanzania#74$62,22

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